Gene Roncone - April 30, 2017

Lose the Luggage Part 2

READY FOR BETHEL? Jacob spoke fondly of Bethel over the decades of his life. In Genesis 28 he called it “awesome”, the “house of God” and the “gateway to heaven”. In Genesis 35 he said it was the place God “answered him in his time of distress” and where God “revealed himself”. We all need a Bethel in our lives! A place where those magical and supernatural encounters with God happen. However, the magic of Bethel has little to do with Bethel as a place or even point in time, as much as it does the state of our heart. God gave Jacob a task list that needed to be taken care of BEFORE he returned to Bethel. What were those four things and how do they apply to us.

From Series: "Lose the Luggage"

UPSIDE OR DOWNSIDE? Too often we think total dedication means we can’t enjoy weekends, life or anything fun. We think we need to surrender our dreams, pass on amazing opportunities or take a vow of poverty. But after Jacob totally committed himself to God, he discovered unimaginable blessings. What were they and how do they apply to us?

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