1. Experiencing God through worship.

Soon after a person becomes a follower of Christ the Bible encourages them to start identifying with the community of faith in public worship. Public worship is the combined expression of our love to God—for who He is, for what He has said, and for what He is doing in our lives. Each worship service generally consists of music, prayer, media or drama, and teaching.  Worshipping God in community is the starting point for growing as a believer in Jesus Christ.  The worship service will also help you to keep informed of what is going on at Highpoint.


2. Learning and living God’s Word.

Growing in faith by learning and living God’s Word is what the Bible calls “discipleship.” Discipleship is an important stepping stone in a person’s spiritual journey. Discipleship is the personal activity of studying the teachings of Jesus, applying them to life and becoming more like Him through a growing relationship with God.  Discipleship is so necessary for spiritual growth that Highpoint Church provides discipleship opportunities called “The Power of 3 small groups” to help you grow. These groups are places where you can ask questions, grow in understanding, and apply biblical truth to your life. They will also provide a place to develop meaningful relationships, as well as help you to deal with the challenges of every day life.


3. Serving God and each other.

God has designed you for service. Each and every one of us were created with a unique mix of spiritual gifts, passions, abilities, temperament and experiences that complement where God wants us to serve. So we need to identify and develop our God-given gifts and use them in service to God and others.  That’s why we provide classes to help you identify your spiritual gifts and talents. We also provide coaches, on-the-job training, and ministry partners to ensure that you will find personal fulfillment by using your gifts and talents to serve God and others.


4. Loving our community and world.

Loving our community and world is about meeting the needs of those around us.  It’s about expressing God’s love in ways that build relationship and provide opportunities to share God’s plan of salvation. Loving our community and world requires each of us to set aside our individual preferences and combine our time, talents, and treasures to ensure others know God’s love.  Here at Highpoint Church, we want our outreach and community involvement to use creative out-of-the-box and fun environments to connect those in our church with those in our community.


Why is vision important?

The vision of a church guides its activity and sustains its life. It directs, moves, and lives. It breathes, comforts, and corrects. It is as unique as our fingerprints and what makes us different. The hyperlinks to the values listed above further unpack the pieces of our vision. They will give you a glimpse of who we are, what our assignment is, and where God is at work at Highpoint Church.

We have outlined the four major components of our vision and we are totally committed to pursuing them with:

  • Clarity: communicating them in a way that can be understood.

  • Movement: providing sequential steps that help people move to greater areas of commitment.

  • Alignment: arranging our ministries, people, and resources to achieve them.

  • Focus: abandoning everything that falls outside of them and embracing things that help us achieve them.