Know God

Experiencing God through worship will be adjusted to Know God.

  • This means powerful anointed worship services where we celebrate God, inspire people with the word of God, prepare people to live for God, and offer the opportunity to get saved.

  • Sundays are for celebration, inspiration, preparation, and salvation.

Find Freedom

Learning and living God’s Word will be adjusted to Find Freedom.

  • This will happens through small groups and Power of Three Bible reading.

Discover your Purpose

Serving God and each other, will be adjusted to Discover your Purpose.

  • With the introduction of Growth Track, we have a pathway for people to discover their purpose.

  • In Habakkuk 2:2, it states that so that he may run who reads it. This is why we are introducing Growth Track. Growth Track is the bridge that we will use to help every individual take their next step. We have to provide a simple pathway for every person to pursue this for their own life. Growth Track will help provide this pathway.

Make a Difference

Loving our community and world will be adjusted to Make a Difference.

  • We want everyone to serve on the Dream Team. Dream Teams include anyone who serves at Highpoint in any capacity. We strive to connect every individual who has a gift, which is everyone, to an opportunity to impact someone else’s life. That may be in the children’s ministry, worship, the parking team, host, ushers, or any other area.