Highpoint Church Fund Policy

Highpoint’s procedures to for accountability, efficiency and effectiveness regarding funds from the point of contribution to reporting back to the membership.

Highpoint Bylaws

How the Highpoint church functions as a faith-based non-profit corporation.


To be considered for membership, an individual must be faithfully attending for at least three months, have completed Growth Track, actively serving on a Dream Team, and support the church financially. Once the criteria are met, you will be notified of the next membership lunch.

Women and Leadership

Our position on the role of women in ministry and leadership

Child Protection Policy

Procedures and guidelines for ministry to minors.

Funeral Policy

We have established a funeral policy to ensure that memorial services do not interrupt the flow, needed resources, personal demand, and schedule of Highpoint’s weekly ministry services.

Geno Strong Memorial Fund

Information regarding the fund’s purpose, source of income, investment strategy, and administration.