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We have customized children’s environments for kids six weeks old through fifth grade and we invite your family to take a personal tour of Highpoint Kids on your first visit. It is our hope that your children will not only enjoy Highpoint Kids, but beg to come back!


Highpoint Youth is the Junior & Senior High student ministry of Highpoint Church and is for 6th-12th grade students. Highpoint Youth exists to connect students to Jesus and each other with their own service & small groups.

Student Ministry
Vision & Values

Vision & Values

Highpoint Church is all about living life and growing faith. We are committed to creating spiritually mature Christians by moving them through a strategic process of experiencing God, growing faith, serving each other, and loving our world. Our goal is to provide a process that helps people to move through the four levels of growth and maturity.


Caleb McNaughton has served as Lead Pastor of Highpoint Church since July 2019.

Caleb McNaughton

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