Gene Roncone - June 11, 2017

Long Shadow Part 2

HOW LONG IS YOUR SHADOW? Whether it’s your role as a parent, grandparent or even your career, we all want to leave the world better than we found it. Popular culture lies by telling us that true legacy requires a long life, a huge trophy room and good fortune. However, the Bible tells us Abel’s life still speaks even though he is dead. Abel’s life ended prematurely in a brutal murder, his resume was short and we know little about his career. Yet, he pleased God and left a legacy that far outlived his lifespan. What four qualities did he bring to the table and how can we learn from them.

From Series: "Long Shadow"

GOD’S FAVORITES? If you have more than one child, you know all about the “favorite child” debate. But when the Bible speaks of God’s favor does that mean He has favorites? What does God’s favor upon a person’s life look like? How do we get it and more importantly how do we keep it?

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