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Pizza with Pastor Karl!

Want to get to know some other families at Highpoint Church? Join Pastor Karl at the next “Pizza with Pastor Karl!” Pizza with PK is simply an opportunity to chill after church and get to know some other families over some yummy pizza! (or whatever you order)


Q: Where exactly is this place?

A: Directions to Dion’s via Google Maps

Q: Is there a cost?

A: No cost other than the food you order. (View their menu)

Q: Do I need to RSVP or make reservations?

A: Nope, just show up. Though you are always welcome to tell Pastor Karl you are coming!

Q: What will the kids be doing?

A: Pastor Karl will be making balloons for the kids and a magician often appears!

Q: What time does it end?

A: You can leave whenever you need to but it usually winds down around 2pm.

Q: Is the pizza any good?

A: YES! And the Italian sub sandwich is amazing! Sara, Karl’s lovely wife, loves the salad.

Q: Which is the greatest Star Wars movie?

A: The Empire Strikes Back. Disagree? Come and we can discuss!


  • August 13th
  • October 8th
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