Making Culture by Doing Good

Christians and Culture Humans are cultural beings. Throughout history, humans have excelled at making and changing the tapestry of their cultures. Cultures are dynamic and constantly shifting with the changing of authorities – not only shifting governmental authorities, but also shifting ideological authorities in the academy, in art districts, and in religious structures. Religion is primarily concerned with meaning. Meaning shapes the values in a society and ascribed values guide the direction of society. These values can be good or bad; they can be rooted in objective morality or subjective preferences. Christianity has been a vital institution for promoting values that

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Is “Good” Simply Whatever Makes Us Happy?

Is “Good” Just a Feeling? Our whole lives, we are told to be good and do good. But what is good? Is it a thing that can be measured or is it something I become? Americans have had a hard time agreeing on the answer to such questions. We are however, in general agreement that American morality has dropped significantly in the last 10-20 years. Could there be a moral shift in America that is causing the perceived, if not actual, decline of moral values? Could it be our youngest generation who are doing the shifting? Noted sociologist from Notre Dame,

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