Palm Sunday Devotional

Written by: Dr. Charlie Self From the 2nd Century AD to this moment, Christians of all nations and traditions have understood the Passion of Christ as the central narrative of the Gospel. From the triumph and tears of Palm Sunday to Jesus’ victory over death, hell, and the grave on Easter Sunday, Holy Week has been a part of the church’s devotional reflection and evangelistic mission. Each day we will follow our Lord as he walks in obedience. With the Help of the Holy Spirit, we can find new intimacy with the Lord, hope for our circumstances, and wisdom for navigating

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A Different Kind of King on Palm Sunday

A long-kept desire of the people of God has been, and continues to be, the desire for a perfect king. Israel begged God for a king until he relented, and they ended up with King Saul—a fearful, wayward, usurper of God’s authority. To say that he was a disappointment to the people would be an understatement. From the time of King Saul (about 1,000 B.C.) all the way up to the days of Jesus, Israel continued in their quest for the perfect king. Over time, the picture of the ideal king changed as Israel faced God’s judgements and the dominance of

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