One day each year, Christians around the globe celebrate the literal bodily resurrection of Jesus. We celebrate this historic event because the resurrection validated all of the claims that Jesus made, including claims of deity. In addition to validation, Jesus’s resurrection offers his followers hope in their own bodily resurrection (Romans 6:5) in the age to come. This offers great assurance to Christ followers that life doesn’t end with the sting of death.

Easter Sunday brings hope to many and highlights a common problem in the Church today. It’s already a struggle for Christians to bring their Sunday worship into their work week. Pastors are continually encouraging their church members to make Christianity a lifestyle, to honor God with worship seven days a week instead of a mere hour on a Sunday morning. Making worship a way of life is a hard-fought discipline but it’s one that has deep rewards and brings meaning to every sphere of life.

If disciples must learn to bring Sunday worship to Monday’s lifestyle on normal Sundays, how much more apparent is this need after Easter Sunday? We just spent the whole day eating ham in remembrance of Jesus’s miracle of all miracles. Hopefully, it was a celebratory day, filled with hope in God and reminders that we have something to live for and look forward to, as we deal with life’s challenges. But that hope doesn’t end with our Easter festivities—that hope is meant to fuel us into creative worship and gospel action in this next season of the year.

It’s not always easy to know how to do that, I’ll admit. Allow me to offer a list of five ways to bring your Easter hope and joy into your everyday life, thus honoring God and celebrating the resurrection in deed and word. Here we go:


  • Start your day by reminding yourself that your faith is grounded in the resurrection. Your faith isn’t blind, you have reasons to believe! This will bring confidence to your identity in Christ.


  • On your way to work, which may be a construction site, the trading floor, or the downstairs kitchen, pray prayers of thanksgiving to God for the many provisions in your life. Simply start listing off all of things you are thankful for (or should be thankful for) and watch your perspective brighten up immediately.


  • Decide, right now, that you are going to serve others today. You are going to bring them their coffee, pick up their trash, and find ways to make their lives easier. Trust me, you will benefit from this much more than they will. An attitude of service prepares you for a joyful day.


  • When Jesus was about to ascend to heaven, he gave his disciples a mission to make disciples, baptizing them and teaching them to obey Christ’s commands (Matt. 28:16). This mission is for all Christ followers. When you go about planning your week, look at your schedule and ask, “How much time am I giving to Jesus’s Great Commission?” Keeping your life on mission by making disciples will bring you deep joy and hope will abound.


  • Invest in Christian friendships. Wise and evangelistic Christians will have friends from all walks of life but there will always be the need to recharge, sharpen, and encourage in a community a believers. I really mean friends here, not mere acquaintances from Sunday morning services but friends who hold you accountable, who track your course before God, and who will hold you up when life presses you down. Christian friendships take tremendous work, but they are indispensable to the race we’re running.

These five things can be engaged today. Start living in the joy and hope we celebrate on Easter by extending your Sunday worship into Monday’s work and lifestyle!