Greetings. If you are a domestic or foreign missionary and would like to explore the possibility of partnership with Highpoint Church, please review the following guidelines for new partnerships.

1. SENDING AGENCY: You’re existing missionary status is in good standing and recognized by the Division of World or Home Missions of the Assemblies of God.

2. MINISTRY FOCUS: Highpoint church limits its partnerships to ministries with the following focus.

• Foreign workers focused on unreached people groups: Your missionary activity is specifically targeted, focused and among an unreached people group. We define “unreached” as a people group who presently DO NOT have access to local churches, Bible translations or a strong missionary presence. Our leadership community has chosen to utilize statistical information about nations and people groups from

• Domestic workers focused on inner city and urban ministry: Your ministry activity is specifically targeted, focused and among those in the “inner city” without access to a local church. We define “inner city and least accessed” people as those who presently LIVE in ghetto or urban communities and DO NOT have access to local communities, “main book” translations or a strong team member presence.

3. RESIDENCE: You live, work and minister with and among your targeted people group. For foreign workers this would be among a specific people group on foreign soil (not including furlough). For domestic workers this would be in the same community of your targeted ministry.

4. PAST EXPERIENCE: You have at least one term of missionary experience as a fully appointed missionary, missionary associate or missionary in training.

5. FINANCIAL EXPECTATIONS: You understand that a pledge to a foreign partner is for four (4) years and to a domestic partner for one (1) year. These commitments are also renegotiable should a team member decide to change focus, fields or be re-deployed. We also reevaluate partnerships at that time to ensure alignment with our philosophy.

6. GENERAL FITNESS: Your age, health, life situation and career development can easily facilitate the demands of several terms of resident ministry with and among your targeted people group.

7. FIELD FOCUSED: The nature of your ministry is not primarily administrative, serving a function of a national church, “at large” or with a para-missions organization.

8. RELATIONAL APPROACH: You are relational in your approach with the senior leadership team of partner churches and willing to explore regular and creative reporting methods that are convenient and do not compromise security in sensitive nations.

9. SITUATIONAL ALIGNMENT: After our 2009 roster evaluation we are seeking to strengthen our roster with partners between the ages of 25-40 who are:
• Domestic based and serving in America’s urban and inner cities.
• Foreign based and serving in the Middle East, Central Asia, China and Asia Pacific.
Any exceptions to these guidelines will be limited and considered carefully on a case by case basis.

Highpoint Church maintains an updated roster of missionary partners. Even in times when we are not adding to our roster, we are always seeking to build a strong list of prospective partners.

If you meet the criteria listed above and would like to be considered for future partnership, please fill out the attached word document and email it to us at: partner at Please replace the word “at” with the @ sign which has been omitted on this site to prevent unwanted search associations. A member of our leadership community will confirm receipt of your information.