This page is for instructions on how to use the Family Table Talkers.

Fold your Table Talker sheet into a standing triangle and place where it will be seen and used, ideally where you gather to eat! It’s purpose is to help provide some ideas to spark thoughtful conversation, add some fun to meal times, and provide some intentional activities for the month.

NOTE: The goal is NOT to accomplish everything on the Table Talker at a single meal. It is intended to provide material to last all month long. In today’s busy culture, we don’t get many meals together as a family. Use this tool to make the ones you do share together make a difference in your family and the world!

Here is a quick overview of the elements for parents in order to explain their role and purpose:

Every month has a theme and motto. This is intended to transcend meal times! Whether it is “Starting Over” in January, “Helpfulness” in June, or “Doing Your Best” in September, the themes and mottos are designed to help you throughout the month to focus on the topic.

Table Talker Themes for 2019:

JANUARY Starting Over
MARCH Manners
APRIL Gentleness
MAY Peace
JUNE Helpfulness
JULY Service
AUGUST Forgiveness
SEPTEMBER Doing Your Best
OCTOBER Friendship
NOVEMBER Thankfulness

All family members should put away or turn off their phones, tablets or whatever devices could interrupt human interaction and relational conversation at the meal time. You can say, “We’re going to engage in some ‘live chat’ right here at the table. No devices necessary.” Some discussion starters are provided, but feel free to make up your own, especially as they relate to the theme of the month.

This is a short devotional on the theme and motto of the month. Of course, feel free to expand on it with your own thoughts and input.

A memory verse is provided each month as a suggestion for the family to memorize, and yes, that means parents too. Consider some kind of fun prize for the one who learns it first. Kids love quizzing parents and it will help them learn it as well. The verse will always go with the theme and provides another opportunity for intentional guided conversation.

As you focus on the theme and motto for the month, at some meals use the Diggin’ Deeper section to explore the topic in more depth with input from God’s Word. Oh, and don’t use devices. Look these verses up in a good old fashioned print Bible. It’s good for kids to see and use a Bible to get a better understanding of God’s Word.

The Family Challenge is an opportunity for your family to challenge each other to do something BOLD and CRAZY to make a DIFFERENCE in the world! Are you up for the challenge? Determine as a family what the reward will be if you complete the challenge!

Finally, I’ll always include a bonus idea to help take the learning from the Table Talker a little farther. The goal is that what happens at the table impacts real life and fosters real change.

You can’t play with your food, but who says you can’t play at the table? A fun family game is always included to get everyone enjoying some wholesome time together. They say the family that laughs together… how does that saying end? I don’t remember, but I’m sure it was good! Materials will always be items that are easy to find around the house.

Get your Family Table Talkers at the Kids Check-in Counter if your child doesn’t bring one home.

Hi! My name is Pastor Karl Bastian. I created these Table Talkers first of all because I wanted something to get my own family to disconnect from tech around the table and to have something to help us better connect with each other and God’s Word. I hope you find it helpful to your family as well!

I’d love to hear how the Family Table Talker impacts your family meal times! I’m curious to learn about Family Challenges you complete or any other stories you might have to share!

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