Thank you for your interest in serving in the Children or Youth Ministry at Highpoint Church!

Let me outline some of the opportunities we have, and then let me know what best fits your gifts, passion and skills! When you’re ready, FILL OUT THIS FORM to start the  process to join one of our awesome Ministry Teams!


We don’t call it “check-in” because it’s so much more! Those who serve as Greeters and Hosts do much more than just help families check in their kids and get a security sticker. They give parents and kids their First Impression of our church! It’s an important role. If you don’t know how to smile, don’t volunteer here! We have two distinct roles: Greeters and Hosts.

Greeters – These volunteers arrive 15-20 minutes before service and obviously greet kids and parents as they arrive. They provide help with the check in process as needed, answer questions and generally celebrate that they came to Highpoint today. If families are new, they help walk them through the check-in process and can even walk them to their various classes, introducing them to staff and answering any questions they may have. Once check-in slows down, Greeters are free to head to the adult service. Some Greeters prefer to work both services on the Sundays they serve – greeting before first service, attending the first service, and then serving at the beginning of the second service before heading home. Some even choose to help in Early Childhood after greeting where we may need extra help.

Hosts – We have one host per service. They are stationed at the Welcome Center for the entire service so that we always have someone available for families who arrive late or for other minor needs that arise. They get additional training on the check-in software and equipment so they can set it up and put away after the second service. They also help new families to register, visit the classrooms to get our weekly count and have some other minor administrative responsibilities.


Story Tellers – If you love to creatively tell Bible Stories to young children, we offer a wonderful opportunity. Each service our 2’s through 5’s gather for a Worship and Story Telling Time called Roscoe’s Rally. Curriculum is provided with illustration and activity ideas, but we allow our Story Tellers to be creative and tell the Bible Story in their own style. Most serve both services since the Story Time is at the beginning. Since they’ve prepared they often want all the kids to enjoy the story. After they are done, they head to the adult service in time for the message. Second service they can head home after the Story or just continue to serve as a Helper.

Worship Leader – If you love leading young kids in fun singing, our Worship Leaders help lead the kids in active singing during Roscoe’s Rally. We use a fun DVD on a TV, so no super musical giftedness required – just a strong friendly happy up front presence is needed to lead the songs.

Craft Coordinator – If you love planning and putting together fun preschool crafts, you’ll enjoy being in charge of the craft one Sunday. The curriculum provides ideas, but you are welcome to be creative! We can provide needed supplies or if you’ve got some fun stuff at home, you can be as creative as you want!

EC Helpers – Last, but not least! We have Ministry Teams of 4-5 for every class every week – this adds up to around 20 Helpers needed every Sunday in Nursery through 4-5’s. If you can show up on time once or twice a month with a cheerful attitude and helpful heart, you’ll be a blessing to the children and other volunteers! Perfect for parents who want to be a part of the kids church experience.

ELEMENTARY MINISTRY (Kindergarten through 5th Grade)

Lead Teacher in The Outpost – If you have a passion for teaching and have the gifts and skills to creatively engage a large elementary audience, we have the most fun Kids Church Service on the planet! Filled with skits, drama, puppets, object lessons, interactive games and more – you’ll have a blast joining our Teaching Team.

Trail Guide in the The Outpost – This is what we call our helpers in Elementary. No preparation needed! Trail Guides sit in with the kids, help them engage, assist in games and other elements as needed, greet new kids, pass things out, help with minor discipline and overall provide the adult presence we need in a room with nearly 100 kids. Some even help with the media in the sound booth. Perfect for parents who want to be a part of the kids church experience.

Peak 45 Leader – Peak 45 is our Preteen Ministry for kids in 4th and 5th Grade. We hold periodic special events for them like Nerf Wars, Water Wars, Church Escape and more. Our desire is to have a special class for them on Sunday mornings during the first service, but are waiting for God to provide some leaders willing to serve every Sunday during first service and attend the adult service second service. These kids need to build relationships with leaders who are consistently there getting to know them, rather than volunteers on a rotating schedule. If that interests you, please let Pastor Karl know!

Trail Blazers Teacher or Helper – If you LOVE to teach and write your own lessons, you’ll love to be a part of this small elite team! To serve our volunteers with children, we offer a really fun second service class for elementary kids who have already attended first service. Pastor Karl provides a copy of the lesson from The Outpost and you get to create your own lesson for second service to take the lesson a little farther down the road. (ie Trail Blaze!) It’s a smaller group so you can so games, crafts and other activities that we can’t do in a large group. It’s a lot of fun. Volunteer for just one Sunday a month!

YOUTH MINISTRY (6th through 12th Grade)

DV8 Leader – DV8 is our Youth Service on Sundays at 5:30PM. Youth Leaders need to have been out of high school for at least one year. They lead small groups, can be a part of the worship team or help with media. We also do fun special events that leaders help with. We have a very committed core team of volunteers. Some of our leaders have been a part of DV8 for years – it’s an elite team that is making a huge difference in the lives our young people. If you would like to be a part of what God is doing in our teens, let Pastor Karl know!

If one of these ministry areas sounds intriguing to you, please FILL OUT THIS FORM so we can connect and talk about the next steps!

Because Jesus Loves Children,

Pastor Karl Bastian