Highpoint’s Christmas Programs for 2019 will be:

Sunday, Dec. 22nd at 9am and 10:30am (Regular services) and

Tuesday, Christmas Eve, Dec. 24th, at 4pm and 6pm.

During the program all the children in the audience will be invited up sit around Pastor Karl to hear the Christmas Story. At the end, the Children’s Choir will stand up and sing a song with hand motions. The other children will sit and watch and sing along as they are able.

We need children to be a part of the Choir, who can be at all four of the services and a rehearsal on Sunday, Dec. 15th after church until 2PM. (We’ll serve them a simple Lunchable Lunch to tide them over.)

2-5’s do not need to be at every service, but as many as they can would be wonderful and adorable! It would be helpful if they came to the rehearsal on the 15th.

NOTE: We will have a staffed room during all services where the kids K-4th can hang out before/after their part in the service. We recommend you have them sit with you for one service, so they experience the entire program, but we understand they won’t want to sit through it four times.

SONG VIDEOS: Note, due to copyright, these videos are UNLISTED, so you need the links to view: