Christianity is a resurrection faith. “Christ has indeed been raised from the dead,” proclaimed the Apostle Paul (1 Corinthians 15:20). By the resurrection, God revealed that Jesus was truly the Christ and that death did not, would not, have the last word—not for Jesus and not for us. But our faith in the resurrection does not totally remove the sting of death. For the loved ones of a dying person, grieving may also begin well before death occurs, whenever the finality of death sinks in. It is common for those grieving a loved one to experience overwhelming feelings of helplessness, anger, guilt, loneliness, and sometimes even relief after prolonged suffering of the deceased. The memorial or funeral service can be an overwhelming event for those experiencing these kinds of emotions. Praying God’s grace and peace to you during this difficult time.

The Highpoint Team

Highpoint has provided the following resources to help you in this process.

Emergency Line

 In the event of severe accident, hospitalization or death only. This is a toll-free number that you can call and leave all the details of your emergency situation. The service then records your message and instantly emails it to the phone of the pastor on call for that day. Be sure to leave as much info as possible. Please do not call the church office or an individual pastor as they may not be available. The emergency number is the fastest and most effective way to reach the pastor on call for life-threatening emergencies. The number is (720) 900-1409.

Funeral Coordinator

Highpoint has a Funeral Coordinator that can help you start the process and coach you on options that will best suit your needs. You can reach them by sending an email to

Funeral Policy

To ensure that memorial services do not interrupt the flow, needed resources, personal demand and schedule of Highpoint’s weekly ministry services, we have established a funeral policy.

Memorial Planning Worksheet

To assist you in this time of need we have prepared a pre-funeral/memorial worksheet. It will help focus your thoughts and intentions while planning a memorial service and provide a valuable tool to help your family collaborate to honor the memory of your loved one. Many families use it as a tool long before they experience death. You will need to have this form completed and emailed to our Funeral Coordinator before the planning meeting. The form is available in the following two formats.

Memorial Service Providers

To assist you in planning a special and meaningful service for your loved one, we can provide a list of memorial service providers such as soloists, singers, pianists capable of playing hymns and worship choruses on keyboards, video editing and slide show technicians, bagpipe players, pigeon/dove releasers and military taps or color guards. Please request the current list from our funeral coordinator with contact information and current fees for these services.

Resources On Coping with Grief

A loved one dies and the despair seems unbearable. Grieving the loss is where the healing process begins. This four-part article series on “Coping With Death and Grief” by Patricia Johnson will help you begin the healing process . There is also a book list to help children grieve. Click each title below to begin reading now.

Part 1: Coping With Death and Grief
Part:2 Understanding the Grieving Process
Part:3 Grief, Trauma or Depression?
Part 4: Helping Loved Ones Grieve
Book & Article To Help Children Grieve

Area Grief Support Groups

Highpoint has compiled a list of Denver Metro Area grief support groups. Highpoint does not endorse the curriculum, individuals or content of each group, but has only complied a comprehensive list in alphabetical order for your prayerful consideration. We recommend that you contact prospective groups and interview them about the nature of their program prior to making a decision. Access the list by clicking here.

Teaching on Grief

After experiencing the death of his own son, Pastor Gene preached this message on, “How to Grieve in a Way that Glorifies God”. You may find it comforting and the video can be viewed at this link.

Grieving With Hope

Video stories of Christ-centered grieving and hope in loss.