Better Together

Written by: Caleb McNaughton

I have always had the belief that the Kingdom of God is much bigger than one single local church. At the begging of the COVID-19 shutdown, we decided that we were going to do three things very well at Highpoint, create engaging worship experiences, foster digital community, and serve those in need. Helping those in need is a challenge; how do we find those in need, and how do we serve them? My friend, Pastor Christ Morante from New Jersey, messaged me with his idea called Boxes of Hope. The mission of Boxes of Hope is to deliver supplies to the quarantined, sick, or jobless. We jumped on board and started collecting supplies immediately, and after a few days of collection, we opened up our website to receive requests for Boxes of Hope.

We started to receive requests rapidly, however, some of the requests were not in our area. From the start, our goal was to let people know that there is a God in heaven that cares for them, and there is a local church to support them. But how can a local church support them if we are not local? Some of the requests were coming in from locations over an hour away.

So I got on the phone and started calling other churches, letting them know that we would provide the address, the box of supplies, and appropriate literature, if they would provide their church logo and information, and deliver the box. The information inside doesn’t have anything to do with Highpoint. And it looks like it is directly from that local church.

You, the Highpoint family, have been so generous. Not only are you blessing people in our area, but you have also been a blessing to churches all over our region. Your generosity is building the Kingdom of God. It’s not about Highpoint! It is all about spreading the hope of Jesus. We are committed to continuing to do that by working with other local churches.

Church family! I am so proud of you! In this season of uncertainty, you have been Rockstars!

The best is yet to come!

Pastor Caleb