Thank you for exploring the possibility of partnering with Gene in a ministry event.  Gene feels strongly that it is a speaker’s responsibility to connect with the spiritual, logistical, and cultural needs of those planning and attending an event.  It is common for him to prepare custom messages for groups months ahead of time.  To help in his preparation, we would appreciate your taking the time to fill out this online form.  If your event planning is still in process, please fill out as much of the form as possible.


Name of the Organization you represent
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How many times (sessions do you want Gene to speak at your event?
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Purpose of the event
List three spiritual needs the majority of those who will be attending the event presently have.
Theme of the event (if applicable)
Targeted audience.
Click the boxes below that best describe those who will be attending the event and receiving ministry directly from Gene during this time.
  • Laity and church people
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  • Blue collar people
  • Professional people
  • Children's leaders
  • Youth leaders
  • Adult leaders
  • General public
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Describe the normal atmosphere of the event
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Gene likes to interact with those he will be speaking to as much as possible. If your event has other activities or free time within the schedule, please list them below (activity, date and time)


Describe a specific topic you would like Gene to address (if applicable)


When possible, Gene likes to use props, video, sound effects, and other media applications to help communicate spiritual principles although these items are not necessities. Please check the boxes below if your venue and event staff are able to offer any of the following resources
  • Video projection
  • CD/DVD
  • Lighting
  • Manned sound system
  • PowerPoint (projected)
  • Computer generated images
  • Other (please specify)
  • None

Thank you for giving us such valuable information. We look forward to exploring the possibility of partnering with you to make your event a spiritual success. Gene will contact you in the very near future to review this information, hear your burden for the event and get any additional feedback.