Training is an important part of rider safety.  The proper techniques for riding a motorcycle are generally the opposite of your instincts. That's why they must be learned, they will not come naturally.  Learning to handle your bike a slow speeds is the best way to improve your riding skills.  The following training exercises have been provided by Ride Like a Pro to help you improve your riding skills. 

1.       Print out the training exercises listed on this site.  To access them, just place your mouse over the “Training Exercises” heading in the gray bar above the picture until the appropriate drop down menu appears. Click your preference and your there!

2.       Buy a bucket of tennis balls at Wal-Mart and cut them in half.  Use them as cones for the training exercises.  Your tires won’t slip on them and they are easily visible.

3.       Take a tape measure to a local parking lot and lay out the various patterns listed under the training exercises bar above. 

4.       Practice your skills until you have mastered them.

Everyone can improve your riding skills no matter how long you have been riding.  So, print out the exercises  and make becoming a better rider something that is fun.