The following resoruces have been made available to promote rider safety.  Click the image to match the corresponding rource below.


Motorcylce Safety Foundation Link:   Hands down the best resoruce for education, testing and information regarding motorcycle safety is from the Motorcycle Safety Foudation. 


MSF Basic Rider Course Handbook.   Download the MSF handbook right here.  Although, it is not a printable version, you can use it on your computer with the  study guide that Pastor Roncone created.


MSF Basic Rider Course Study Guide:  If you would like to take the Basic Rider's Course from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, use this study guide.

Colorado Motorcycle Operator’s Handbook: Download the latest version of the Colorado Motorcycle Operator’s Handbook (Edition DRP 2336 – 11/19/04).
Colorado Motorcycle Operator’s Handbook Study Guide:  If you choose to take your test at the DMV, use this study guide written by Pastor Gene. It lists possible test questions, answers and the place in the handbook that the answers can be found.


Quick Tips for Group Riding:  Group riding is big at Aurora First.  This page will give you quick tips and a guide to hand signals used in group riding.


General Guidelines for Riding Safely:   This guide has been created by MSF and give some quike guides to riding safely.


Quick tips  for riding with minors as passengers.  Kids love to ride as passangers.  A safe passenger is an educated passenger.  Pastor Gene wrote a quick one page study sheet that he asked all his children to read and pass before riding with him as a passanger.


Ride Like A Pro provides a series of instructional videos taught by highly decorated professional motor officer training instructors.